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See And Play

Senbonhama Park


Dazzling Mt. Fuji, the pine forests lining Suruga Bay, and sunset, all part of the unsurpassable park surrounded by the beauty of nature. Selected as one of the “Hakusha Seisho” (white sands and green pines) top 100.

Numazu Port Observation Water Gate "View-O"


Taking advantage of its position 30m above sea level , one of the largest water gates in Japan, also features an excellent outlook.
Suruga Bay, the Numazu Alps, and of course magnificent Mt. Fuji all take in this stunning 360° panorama.

Holiday Every Tuesday (the following day if it's a national holiday)

Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park


Numazu Imperial Villa was constructed in 1893 and used throughout the three eras of Meiji, Taisho, and Showa. In 1969 its use was discontinued, and starting from 1970 it was reestablished as a memorial park with the beautiful garden and it has been open to the public.

Holiday Open everyday (except for the year-end and the New Year holidays)

Rakujuen Park


Constructed as a detached residence for Prince Akihito Komatsunomiya in 1890. This public park abounds with nature. With the Rakuju pavilion, the animal park, the Museum of Local History and much more. This park can be enjoyed year round by children and adults alike.

Holiday Every Monday ( the following day if it's a national holiday)

Mishima Taisha Shrine


Known as the preeminent grand shrine of Tokaido, its grounds have often served as the stage of history.
Minamoto no Yoritomo famously prayed for victory at this shrine after raising an army while in exile at Izu area.

Sano Art Museum


A variety of popular exhibits focusing on antique oriental arts and craftworks, such as Japanese katanas,bronzeware, ceramics and porcelain, are available. The exhibit changes on a seasonal basis, promising a fresh encounter on each return visit.

Holiday Every Thursday ( Open if it's a national holiday), and the day for changing the exhibition

Fujisan Hongu Sengentaisha Shrine


Revered as the head of the more than 1300 Sengen Shrines, the inner sanctuary of this oldest shrine in Tokai region is designated as one of the important cultural properties of Japan.

Tenshi-no-Nanataki Waterfall


The Inako River, rated as one of the “Best 100 Waterfronts of Shizuoka.” With over 200 species of vegetation and Gifu butterflies residing near the headwaters, and with the waterfall known as Tenshi no Nanataki (The Emperor’s Seven Falls), this area abounds in both diversity and beauty.

Shiraitonotaki Fall


Melted snow water from Mt. Fuji cascades like silk threads from a 20m high 150m long curving cliff line.

Asagirikogen Highland


A verdant plateau which stretches from the western foot of Mt. Fuji. Gazing upwards at the sheer scale of nearby Mt. Fuji is a truly overwhelming experience.