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Taste Boast[Yamanashi]

Oshino Soba noodle


‘Oshino Soba’is popular for its simple flavors and šfirm springy noodles. The secret to these delicious noodles is the invigorating climate and the famous waters of Mt. Fuji,so perfect for the cultivation of soba.Workshops are even available where you can experience making your own hand-made soba!

Address Oshino Village

Gibier Dishes


‘Gibier,’ from the French for ‘wild game,’is at its most delicious from Autumn to Winter.Cucumber rice, recently popular in Fujikawaguchiko, is also available and,depending on the season, blueberries and cherries can be enjoyed straight from the branch.

Address Fujikawaguchiko Town

Yoshida no Udon


Known throughout Japan, the distinctive feature of Yoshida Udon is the texture, chewiness, and thickness of the noodles. It is often eaten with the condiment ‘Suridane,’ a base of red chilies sauteed together with sesame and Japanese peppers, and then topped with thinly cut boiled cabbage and fried tofu.

Address Fujiyoshida City

Wakasagi (lake smelt) dishes


The pond smelt harvested from Lake Yamanakako are known for their exceptional flavor. Enjoy in a variety of dishes, including fried, boiled, and even tempura.

Address Yamanakako Village

Highland vegetables


The natural aromas and flavors of the fresh corn, potatoes,cabbage, tomato, cucumbers and other vegetables gathered from the plateaus of Mt. Fuji are sure to satisfy.

Address Narusawa Village

Fujizakura Heights Beer


Brewed from the natural waters of Mt. Fuji and utilizing German technology, Fujizakura Heights Beer is a unique gem,and a prizewinner of the international World Beer Cup. Enjoy it together with fresh dishes from the seasonal menu.

Address 6663-1 Kenmarubi, Funatsuaza,Fujikawaguchiko Town
Tel 0555-83-2236
Open Weekdays: From 11:30 to 15:00 (Last order at 14:30) and from 17:30 to 22:00 (Last order at 21:00) Saturday, Sunday and National holidays: From 11:30 to 22:00 (Last order at 21:00)
Holiday Every Thursday (Open everyday GW, the year-end and the New Year holidays, and Spring holidays)