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around Mt.Fuji

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Taste Boast

Kamaguchikyo Valley


Kamiguchikyo, where the Fuji River contracts suddenly, was a di®cult spot traditionally feared by ancient travelers as they journeyed down the river. The meandering water and cliffbanks, however, make for amazing scenery.

Tel 0544-22-1155 (Fujinomiya City Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division)

Nishiyama-honmonji Temple


This famous location is one of the Fuji-Gosan (Five Fuji Temples).With the Navy and Gold Lotus Sutra and the Princess Tsuneko Ink Lotus Sutra, designated as important cultural properties of Japan, as well as the Buddhist tabernacle, which has also been designated an important cultural property by the prefecture, countless precious relics are preserved inside.

Chichibunomiya Memorial Park


The Gotemba villa, where the late Prince and Princess Chichibu resided during and after the war, was donated to the city and later opened as a memorial park. The park holds an exhibition house, where items bequeathed by the Chichibu family are on display, as well as the 290 year- old main hall. Seasonal blossoms can be appreciated year-round, including the ‘shidarezakura,’ or weeping cherry trees.

Address 1507-7 Higashitanaka, Gotemba City
Tel 0550-82-5110
Open From 9:00 to 16:30
Holiday The third Monday (the following day if it's a national holiday), and from 29th of December to 1st of January

Gotemba Premium Outlets


One of the largest outlet in Japan, complete with 210 stores and restaurants offering top class Japanese and international brands, within view of Mt. Fuji. You can enjoy shopping every day at great value.

Address 1312 Fukasawa, Gotemba City
Tel 0550-81-3122
Holiday Closed on the third Thursday of February

Mt. Fuji Jukuu no Mori


Play and learn amidst nature, at Japan’s largest Mt.Fuji theme park. Enjoy Mt. Fuji from the park’s vast grounds, with attractions such as The Sky Theater,where you can learn about the origins of Mt. Fuji,or Boken no Oka (“Adventure Hill”) where children can run and play.

Address Inno 1380-15, Gotemba
Tel 0550-80-3776
Open 9:00-17:00 (Dec.-Feb.: 9:00-16:00)
Holiday Tuesday (or the following day in case of holidays)

Komakado Caves(Komakado Fuketsu)


One of the Mt. Fuji lava caves. The interior is split into the main cavern and arteries, with the ceiling still bearing traces of the lava’s passage. The temperature within the cave is 13°C year round. There are even insects inhabiting the caves whose eyesight has regressed.

Address 69 Komakado, Gotemba City
Tel 0550-87-3965 (Information Center)
Open From 9:00 to 17:00
Holiday Open everyday (Closed on every Monday from December to February)

Peace Park


Located in Hakone Gairin Ninooka, facing Mt. Fuji and with an unbroken view of Gotemba city. Beautiful lawns and –owers surround the focal point of the garden, a white-walled bussharito (Temple), which was donated by the late Prime Minister Nehru of India and houses some of the Buddha's ashes.

Address Higashitanaka, Gotemba City

Gotemba Kogen Tokinosumika


At the foot of sacred Mt. Fuji, engulfed in the splendid natural beauty of the Gotemba plateau, are an assortment of hotels, natural hot springs, local breweries and restaurants, and soccer fields. The Tokinosumika illuminations can be seen from mid November to early March.

Address 719 Koyama, Gotemba City
Tel 0550-87-3700
Open Varies on each facility
Holiday Open everyday

Mt. Kintoki (Kintoki Shrine)


At 1,213m, Mt. Kintoki is the tallest of the Hakone Gairin Mountains. Lake Ashi, Sengokuhara and Mt. Fuji are just some of the sights that stretch out below. See Tanzawa, the Southern Alps, the Izu Mountains and more in 360° panorama from this popular and lively hiking spot.

Address Oyama Town
Tel 0550-76-5000 (Oyama Town Tourism Association)

Fuji Speedway


Japan’s largest racing course, with a single lap measuring 4,563m. Not only can you see world-class races, but there are also gymkhana,short circuit, and drift courses where a host of motor sports can be enjoyed.

Address 694 Nakahinata, Oyama Town
Tel 0550-78-1234