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Hot Water Tour

Benifuji-no-Yu Onsen


Both the separate men’s and women’s outdoor baths as well as the indoor baths provide an excellent view of Mt. Fuji, Onsen making this renowned spot perfect for watching the mountain as it is stained in the crimson rays of an early winter morning.

Holiday Closed on every Tuesday (Open everyday during the summer season and on National holidays)

Ishiwari-no-Yu Onsen


Inside the structure, which makes excellent architectural use of chestnut, natural stones, and bamboo, are facilities complete with large public baths, outdoor baths, lower temperature baths, sleeping quarters, sauna, and more.

Holiday Closed on every Thursday (Open on National holidays and during summer seasons)

Fujikawaguchiko Onsen-kyo Area


Fujikawaguchiko is blessed with 4 di­erent hot springs, the Reiho Springs, the Tensui Springs, the Reisui Springs, and the Fuyo Springs, which provide their waters to the hotels and ryokans of the area.

Fujiyama Onsen


Enjoy an unblemished view of Mt. Fuji, and all that the mountain offers to the five senses, in this purely traditional Japanese hot springs. The bicarbonate springs are especially renowned for their effect in beautifying the skin.

Holiday Open everyday

Fuji Chobo-no-Yu Yurari Onsen

富士眺望の湯 ゆらり

A hot springs next by the Michi-no-eki Narusawa(Roadside rest and shopping area). 16 different types of baths available, including outdoor hot spring with a frontal view of Mt. Fuji, a cave bath and so on.

Holiday Open everyday

Takekura Onsen Hot Spring


A healing dip in these springs surrounded by sleepy rural life is just what the doctor ordered. The dark red waters, rich in iron, are e­ective against anemia, among other things.

Holiday Open everyday

U-TRIO Hot Spring


Enjoy the murmuring sounds of the Inakogawa River as you experience three different hot springs (large bath, open-air bath, and heated pool).

Holiday Closed on every Thursday (the following day if it is a national holiday)

Hana no Yu Fujinomiya Hot Spring

花の湯 富士宮 時之栖

Centered around the natural spring waters, these facilities are complete with a variety of indoor baths, outdoor baths,saunas, relaxation rooms, lounges, massage rooms,restaurants, and more.

Holiday Open everyday

Ichi-no-Yu Hot Spring


These sodium and calcium sulphate springs, which flow freely from the source, are effective against ailments such as stiff shoulder and
rheumatism. ‘Onsen stands’, which are located near Ichi-no-Yu and allow for easy carry home of the waters, are also very popular.

Healthy Park Susono


Refresh yourself body and soul with a view of sacred Mt. Fuji.With calcium, sodium, and chloride springs, these ‘Waters of Beauty’ are the pride of Susono.

Holiday Closed on every Thursday (the following day if it's a national holiday)